Rancho Mirage, CA

JB Windows and Glass in Rancho Mirage, CA

If you are in Rancho Mirage, California, JB Windows & Glass covers your service area. We can install and replace your glass windows and doors with more durable, energy efficient vinyl windows. We also offer custom shaped installations and sliding patio door replacements.

JB Windows has installation & window replacement services in the surrounding areas of Rancho Mirage, CA as well. JB Windows is a family owned business with over 30 years experience. To learn more about our services, please browse our site and check out our previous installations.

Our window and sliding door installation / replacement services will improve energy efficiency in all types of houses, whether new or old. Our window and sliding glass door installations improve energy efficiency in all housing types, new or old.

Our standard glass package is double pane vinyl windows that are energy-efficient and will meet your state and City requirements. Glass packages are up-gradable to meet your needs. Other Glass Packages include Additional; low-E, sound proof, tempered, or laminated glass.

For Rancho Mirage and the surrounding areas, please get in touch to schedule an appointment and an in-home estimate, to learn more about us or to simply leave feedback.

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