Window Replacement Checklist

Here are some guidelines for evaluating the current condition of your windows. Assess if now is the time for replacing your windows and Sliding Patio Doors. If a window or Sliding Patio Door shows any signs of the following . . . Replacement is needed.

  • Fog or moisture between the glass. If the seal between glass panes is broken, cold air and water can leak into the window. Moisture or fog in between the panes is a good indicator that the seal is broken.

  • Moisture or condensation. Windows that let in moisture can lead to more severe problems such as mold growth. Look out for condensation on the Window or standing pools of water on the windowsill.

  • Wood decay. Windows without protected wood can decay and rot if they are exposed to the harsh elements or if a home has termites. Signs that wood may be decaying include soft wood that breaks away easily in irregular pieces or wood that has moisture in it.

  • Metal Frames. Existing metal window or Sliding Patio Door frames are corroded with unsightly pitting.

  • Problems opening or closing. In older homes, wood Windows may have been painted over numerous times or may have become severely warped due to age and weather conditions. Windows that don’t open and close easily or properly is more than just annoying; it’s a safety issue and a sign that it’s time for Replacement.

  • Drafts. There are many tests to determine if a window is drafty, such as placing a lighted candle next to the window to see if the flame moves. If it does, you have a draft and your energy bills are paying the price.

  • Excess noise. Typically, older, single pane windows don’t block as much noise as new double pane Windows. If you can hear your neighbors chatting across the street as they are getting their mail, it is time to upgrade and replace your Windows and Sliding Patio Doors.